Hcs 440 Health Care Spending

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Health Care Spending

Health Care Reform Project-Part III


February 11, 2013

In the following passage our team will be discussing what we have learned over the past 3 weeks in our economics and financing of health care class. We will discuss what subjects we struggled in as well as excelled in during the first 3 weeks of class. We will discuss major sources, the aging population as well as supply and demand and how they affect health care spending.

One of the major topics discussed was marketing and how it affects spending in health care. Just like any other industry, marketing allows organizations to show their products to the public to increase business. Health care is ultimately a business and different health organizations are constantly competing with each other to get the business of anyone that needs their services. We constantly see commercials on television and ads in the paper advertising hospital systems, new drugs, and new procedures. The purposes of these commercials are to allow the viewer to see the standard of care that each organization provides in an attempt to get their business. Ultimately, the effect marketing has on health care is that it makes it a bigger industry by attracting more business.

In health care, we found that marketing is not always cut and dry. In some cases, there can be a conflict between a patient’s desire to be healthy and the organization’s desire to make a profit. The question of whether it is ethical for pharmaceutical companies to advertise their drugs came into consideration in week 3. In this discussion, we determined that it needs to be left to the doctor to choose medications for patients on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, this kind of marketing is unnecessary. Pharmaceutical companies should market their products to hospitals and doctor’s practices and let the doctors make the decision to use them.

During week 3 there were many different topics...
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