Hcs/335 Ethics Study Paper

Topics: Healthcare occupations, Registered nurse, Physician Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: December 8, 2012

Jerry McCall has training as a medical assistant and a LPN. He is covering the phones for the receptionist that went out for lunch that day. A patient calls to refill their prescription of Valium, saying that Dr. Williams is a personal friend. He also mentioned that Dr. Williams always gives him a small supply when he travels. In this paper, the role of an LPN and a medical assistant will be expressed as well as the consequences of the healthcare professional if anything was to happen to the patient. Different scenarios will be explained to gain further understanding of this case study to draw up a susceptible conclusion.

At first, an understanding of an LPN and a Medical Assistant must be made in order to draw up a factual conclusion regarding this case study. An LPN is an acronym for Licensed Practical Nurse. The purpose of this role is to be of assistance to the RN. An LPN job is very limited compared to a RN and the responsibilities they have vary by state. Only medical doctors and nurse practitioners can prescribe medication. Jerry could call in the prescription only if Dr. Williams signed off on the prescription itself, authorizing the refill. Then Jerry could call the prescription in as per doctors orders. Dr. Williams may suggest that the patient come in for a quick examination to make sure that the patient isn’t addicted to the substance. A small refill could be approved to last the length of the trip and then a more thorough examination could be considered.

A medical assistant has a similar job role but it is more on the administrative side. According to Buppert, (2008) “a person who may be unlicensed, who performs basic administrative, clerical and technical supportive services in compliance with this section...for a licensed physician and surgeon or a licensed podiatrist, or group thereof, for a medical or podiatry...
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