Hcs 325 Roles and Functions

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Roles and Functions
HCS 325
Robert Clegg

Roles and Functions
Management is important in any environment, but especially so in the healthcare field.  As the health care system continues to evolve, sound management is critical to the survival of health care institutions (Johnson, 2005). The management team in a healthcare environment must always aim to improve the efficiency of the day to day activities and constantly plan for ways to improve the productivity and efficiency. Every manager’s main duty is to succeed in helping the organization achieve high performance while utilizing all of the organization’s human and material resources. On a daily basis health care managers must recognize performance problems and opportunities, make good decisions, and take appropriate action (Lombardi and Schermerhorn, 2007). There are four major functions in healthcare management, they are; planning, organizing, controlling the use of resources, and leading to accomplish performance goals.    In my previous position, I was a manager over seven associates. Even though I technically was over that small group of people, I was still a manager in the store and often had people from other departments coming to me with issues. All of the major functions played a definite role in my day to day activities. Planning was usually the first step of the day. I would look at everything as a whole and make sure I was including everything that would be important for the day. Organizing almost went hand in hand with planning. Once I knew everything that needed to be done for the day, I could then organize and prioritize everything accordingly. Being organized is a very important; if you are unorganized there is a greater chance of tasks being forgotten or not being finished in a timely manner. Controlling the resources is something I dealt with every day. I was responsible for the ordering of the department; if I was out of a certain product and a customer came in for it, that...
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