Hcs/325 Health Care Management

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Role and Function Paper
Tavekia Mosby
HCS/325 Health Care Management
July 24, 2012
Reginald Bernard

Roles and Functions
Management is a major component in every organization. Management is “the process of organizing, planning, controlling the use of resources, and leading to accomplish performance goals” (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, & kramer, 2007, p. 5). Most managers follow similar roles and functions that help ensure that the organization flow is steady and business moves along smoothly. In the health care setting management have four major functions in which the managers facilitate so that workers can work toward common goals. All managers, regardless of level are responsible for the following functions: organizing the process of delegating, allowing, and coordinating, planning the process of determining actions, performance objectives, and decision maker. Controlling the process of comparing results, taking corrective actions, and gather and interpret work performance, and last leading the process of building commitments, encouraging activities that supports company goals, and fulfill and accomplish objectives. The four major functions has helped, organizations globally to achieve high performance goals and quotas. For most business, high productivity measures organizational success, and the managers are responsible for ensuring its achievement. In the organization in which I work, I witness all four of the functions used daily. My managers each day organize schedules to accommodate the senses. If the senses are low than the managers will have to cut the labor when mean send workers home earlier. I have witnessed my manager plan in ahead by adding extra people to schedule to ensure productivity. As we any organization there are workers who attempts to defy the organizations rules, but I have seen first had how the managers use function of control to restore order. Leading in the organization in that I work for is one in which I am leery about....
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