Hcs 320 Week 2 Assignment

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Communication Theory
HCS 320
May 14, 2012
Latasha Nix

Communication Theory
Communication theory is the interface between health communication research and health communication interventions (Answer Encyclopedia 2010). In previous assignments we discussed different methods of communication. We have verbal and non-verbal ways to communicate within a group of people. When in the group communication started with exchanging messages so we are able to complete any necessary assignments and still keep our identity. We also established rules, goals, and a action plan that we should all follow to make sure that we stay on task and intact. Keeping a good line of communication open at all times when working within a group is important and yet challenging especially when you taking online courses, live in different times zones, and work different hours but these are all challenges that we can overcome. A group must work as a whole and it is extremely important for the group to constantly communicate and work together to handle in unforeseen conflicts that may occur. Building rapport with your team members is also important because it will assist in the process of overcoming conflicts and avoid any difficult circumstance. Over time communication within a team will become a pattern and sequenced which is an actual function that happens in what is called group process. (University of Phoenix Library, 2010) talks about conflict as a way for team members manage their individual differences within the group as well as manage the differences that may arise in other groups. Cultural difference and gender can persuade communication in every aspect. When we focus on culture alone you can have a barrier that hold you back like languages or beliefs. We all know that being bias towards another person culture is disrespectful and we want to do what we can to maintain respect on every level when dealing with another person’s beliefs and culture. When touching bases on gender it is...
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