Hcs 235 Museum Exhibit

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Museum Exhibit

University of Phoenix
Health Care Delivery in the United States
HCS 235

January 06, 2013

Museum Exhibit
While reading our text and researching for our museum proposal I found that many aspects of health care have been built upon each other. Technology has always been in health care. As the practice of medicine grew and became more of a mainstream, obtainable option for injury and illness procedures and practices have advanced from primitive tools made from stone to precision tools made from metal, crude procedures done without anesthetic to robots in the operating room. Technology is advancement and health care has been built upon advancement. The practice of quarantine can be considered a technological advancement to prevent the spread of disease. Prior to ships being quarantined disease would ravage port cities. Keeping ships anchored for 40 days before they could dock was the driving force to reducing communicable diseases. Although an accidental discovery, penicillin fights infection. Penicillin would have been a great tool to have to fight the diseases brought from ships in addition to the quarantines. The discovery of penicillin did not immediately help patients and was not used for twenty years. Once penicillin was studied, the beginning uses were instrumental in saving the lives of many soldiers in World War II. In the years since World War II penicillin has become the most prescribed drug in the world. Insurance ties into the above exhibits because it provides coverage and accessibility to physicians who provide services using current technology, education, procedures, and medicines. Consumers may be given the benefit of health insurance through their employers or they may be able to purchase their own policy. From minimal coverage when insurance was first offered to railroad and steamboat workers insurance has evolved to a complex industry driven by the high cost of health care. As health care becomes more...
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