Hcs 235 Health Care Utilization Option 1

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Health Care Utilization Option 1

University of Phoenix
Health Care Delivery in the United States
HCS 235

January 13, 2013

Health Care Utilization Option 1
Health care reform in the United States is a hot topic and the source of legislation meant to make health care obtainable to Americans. Recent presidential elections have been platforms used to promote health care reform yet no one can agree on what the resolution will be. This paper will discuss ways recent health care reform measures have expanded or inhibited access to health care. This paper will discuss how changes to access may lead to influences in utilization. Concepts of what universal health care may be and how current care reflects or contrasts with this will be discussed. In addition, this paper will describe a personal experience with health care expansion either negative or positive. Health Care Reform

The Patient Care and Affordable Care Act created and signed into law to ensure that all Americans have access to health care at affordable costs and to help control the rising cost of health care. Opposed from the beginning, this reform measure creates opportunities for individuals to access insurance with pre-existing conditions, preventative service, and immunizations, dependent coverage up to age 26, and to develop information for consumers to make informed comparisons when shopping for health insurance. This Act will be implemented in 2014 and the impact of the costs that will have to be covered by employers is a huge concern. Employers are finding ways to get around paying for employees health care costs by reducing hours and keeping staff numbers under 50 to avoid tax increases under The Patient Care and Affordable Care Act. Aimed at providing for the non-insured and under insured citizens of America while providing a comprehensive guideline to choosing a health insurance plan to best fit the consumer’s needs, the costs to business and the jobs that...