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Health Care Resources Questionnaire

Answer each question based on your personal experiences as a consumer receiving health care services or as a professional providing service. The questions are related to real-life experiences in which health care services are received or provided, to the consumer’s satisfaction with those services, to changes you have seen or experienced over time, or to insurance coverage benefits you have or provide. Be prepared to discuss your completed questionnaire in Week One.

1. How can you locate health care resources? What health care resources are you familiar with? How did you locate information on those resources?

Health care resources can be located via internet, in a book/pamphlet, in person, or over the phone. I am familiar with The Duval County Health Department, The Centers for Disease Control, The Florida Department of Children and Families, World Health Organization, Baptist Health and other known medical clinics or hospital websites. I currently work in the health care field but information on those resources can be located just by word of mouth, visiting any medical facility, or simply doing an engine search online.

2. Are you currently employed in a health care setting? If not, explain your interest in providing care or resources in the future.


3. Do you feel you have sufficient access to services as a consumer or provider? Explain your response.

As a consumer I feel I have sufficient access to services.
A greater number of consumers have access to electronic data through the internet than they Have access to a traditional business in a paper environment.

4. How often do you search for health care resources or information? Explain your answer.

I search for health care resources very often doing research for class assignments, daily job duties, also for personal/family wellness also.

5. Are you able to find resources for health care questions...

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