Hcr 240 Electronic Medical Record Speech

Topics: Physician, Medicine, Patient Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: November 28, 2011
An Electronic Medical Record is a system that would store the physician’s report of the examination, also their surgical procedure, plus the tests the physician’s ask for. The Electronic Medical Record is also where they store the x-ray results and also other of the clinical information that is recorded. There is eight different major features of the Electronic Medical Records and the benefits and they are: Immediate access to health information and it is accessible from the workstations in these offices and from a remote site which would be the hospitals at all the same times; Computerized physician order management is where the physician could enter the medication order and can order tests for the patient plus this can be done at anytime; Clinical decision support and this type of system could provide the access to all the latest of the medical researches; Automated alerts and reminders is where there systems could provide the medical alerts to help the office staff remember their patients screenings and all other services; Electronic communication and connectivity is the system that would provide a secure and a easy accessible type of communication that is between the staff and the physicians; Patient support is where the patient could access their own medical records and could request an appointment electronically; Administrative and reporting is where the medical practices have to comply with the federal and also the state reporting of the requirements; Error reduction would help decrease all the medical errors that can happen due to the illegible chart notes and this is because the notes are no longer entered manually. The importance of the practice management is the survival because it is accurate and timely records would be required to help determine if the practice is a profitable.  

The records are also important because they must meet a financial obligation and also the tax reporting of those requirements. The software could assist the office...
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