Hcr/230 Financial Policy

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Fairview Medical Associates Financial Policy
In an attempt to keep your medical cost for services to a minimum, we have adopted the following policy regarding payments and billing. If you do not have insurance coverage, payment will be due in full amount on the day the service is giving. Copayments and Deductibles

You are expected to pay your copayments and deductibles at the time of service. All payments are required at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Fairview Medical Associates accepts cash, personal checks (in-state only), VISA, and MasterCard. There is a service charge of $25.oo for any returned check (Smith, 2009). Past Due Balances

ALL ACCOUNTS MUST BE PAID IN FULL WITHIN NINETY (90) DAYS from the date of service or payment arrangements need to be arranged before medical service can be provided (Valerius, 2008). The unpaid balance is your responsibility and must be paid. We will submit your insurance claim to your Primary Insurance Companies as a courtesy to you (Valerius, 2008). After the 90 days, you outstanding balance is due regardless of your insurance claim status. If the process of filing the claim is delayed we request that you assist us in concluding the process (Valerius, 2008). Arrangements need to be made before the 90 days from the date of service .Consecutive payments are to be made in order to continue to have medical services provided by Fairview Medical Associates. Noncovered Services

If you are unsure of whether your medical services are covered under your insurance, we will be glad to assist you in contacting your insurance company to see if the services you are requesting are covered. Noncovered Services are provided to you with 50% due at the time of service with payment plans set up to provide Fairview Medical Associates with the remaining balance (Valerius, 2008). Prepayment

If you have a prior balance you can prepay $100 that includes the co-pay for today’s service (Smith, 2009). If...
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