Hcl Technologies Case Study

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  • Published : December 29, 2011
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HCL Technologies Case Study

In this Assessment I will use the HCL case study to analyze the trends and economic forces that impact innovation and change in the global markets of HCL Technologies. Analyze the ways that Nayar applied theory to change organizational structure, culture, and processes to support and sustain innovation in light of the changing global markets. Lastly, I will Analyze Nayar's leadership in relation to the effectiveness of general management planning and decision making in these changes to structure, culture, and processes by focusing my evaluation on Nayar's use of the U&I portal There are many trends and economic forces that impact innovation and change in the global markets of HCL Technologies. HCL Technologies innovation and change has been impacted through trends of change in the organizational culture, leadership, proactive assumption, and from learning culture concepts. “By changing the culture of an organization, top management can indirectly influence the motivation and behavior of organizational members.” (Hickman 2010). Nayar uses changes in HCLT’s organizational structure to transfer the role of the CEO throughout the case study. This transformation of responsibility was designed to help force innovation for a growing company through the idea of “Employees first, and Customer’s second.” Nayar’s “Employees first idea is a good example of today’s learning cultures ideas being put to use to sustain innovation. According to the “Proactivity Assumption,” “A learning culture would have to assume that the appropriate way for humans to behave in relationship to their environment is to be proactive problem solvers and learners.” (Hickman 2010). HCLT’s CEO’s forward thinking of ways to advance the companies innovation through its employee focus was a great example of being proactive in relation to the working environment. HCLT team members show another characteristic of the learning culture through its “Commitment to...
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