Hcl Technologies

Topics: Globalization, Decision making, The Culture Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: August 19, 2012
and economic forces that impacted innovation and change in the global market. “By changing the culture of an organization, top management can indirectly influence the motivation and behavior of organizational members.” (Hickman 2010). In this paper I will discuss and analyze some of these trends such as: global, economic forces and its impact, organizational structure, culture, process and general management. Nayar’s case study, shows that HCL Technologies was becoming a company with growth, diversity and to show organizational structure. According to Hickman (2010) global segment happen when “there is an increasing trend for firms to expand their operations and market reach beyond the borders of their “homes” country”.

This transformation of responsibility was designed to help force innovation for a growing company through the idea of “Employees First, and Customer’s Second.” This was a very good example of today’s learning cultures ideas being put to use to sustain innovation. Nayar shows his concern on his case study the impact of a demographic trend on the EFCS (Employee First, Customer Second) concept and states “As we grew, how could we sustain our focus on Employee First, Customer Second?” (p. 2). In order to continue focus on the EFCS core value, Nayar points out that the HCL Technology need to become more like starfish – employees will continue grow with a new ideas (Nayar, 2010). HCL Technologies team members showed characteristics of the learning culture through its “Commitment to Learning to Learn.” “The learning culture must have in its DNA a “learning gene,” in the sense that members must hold the shared assumption that learning is a good thing worth investing in and that to learn is itself a skill to be mastered.” (Hickman 2010). HCL Technologies team members must all have the “learning gene.” Besides global trend, HCL Technologies is influenced by demographic trend. As the company growing worldwide this implied that the number of HCL...
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