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The objective of my project is to study the effectiveness of process of recruitment & selection as it helps to combat the Attrition which is the main problem of any company now a days. The BPO industry having one of the most high attrition rate amongst all the industries. Therefore the top BPO companies including the International BPO firms face a stiff task in hiring new people. For this purpose the services of the consultants are outsourced. In the light of this situation it would be very meaningful to learn and understand the attitude and behavior of the job seekers towards the telecalling department of the consultants who work exclusively for their international BPO clients.


To understand the attitude and behavior of the jobseekers towards telecalling.

To understand the services provided by the consultancy- Panache Solutions to their clients in HR process

To understand the benchmarking process for recruitment in international BPO and understanding how HCL ( a client of Panache Solutions) follows the benchmarking
1)For the first objective, the hypothesis is as follows:

Ho : job seekers have a positive attitude towards telecalling interviews. H1: jobseekers do not have a positive attitude towards telecalling interviews.

2)For second objective, the hypothesis is as follows:

H0 : the services provided by the consultancy-Panache Solutions to their clients in HR process is satisfactory.
H1 : the services provided by the consultancy-‘Panache Solutions’ to their clients is satisfactory.

3)For third objective, the hypothesis is as follows:
H0: The HC -BPO follows the benchmarking recruitment process as set for an international BPO. H1: The HCL-BPO does not fllow the benchmarking recruitment as set for an international BPO.

The purpose of this project is to study the recruitment & selection practices at HCL-BPO.

This study was divided further into:

a)Judging people through telephonic interview.

b) Conducting Group Discussions to check the competencies of candidates.

c) Creating a bridge of information between the candidates & respective HR Managers.


The scope of this study is to observe the recruitment and selection techniques adopted by the company. Apart from getting an idea of the techniques and methods in the recruitment procedures, a close look will be taken at the insight of corporate culture prevailing in the organization. This would not only help to be familiar with the corporate environment but it would also enable to get a close look at the various levels authorities responsibility relationship prevailing in the organization.

The scope of project includes:

1.Study of importance of recruitment and selection process of BPO industry in India 2.Study of recruitment and selection practices at HCL Technologies.


Research is defined as human activity based on intellectual application in the investigation of matter. The primary purpose for applied research is discovering interpreting, and development of methods and systems for the advancement of human knowledge on a wide variety of scientific matters of our world and the universe.

The sample size is 75 and the technique used for sampling was conveinient Mode of research used in this project is primary as well as secondary research and the research is exploratory and descriptive in nature.


Data were collected from the following sources :-

Secondary data Primary data

-Newspapers -Various forms of HCLcompany
-Research articles/projects -Job posting form of Naukri.com
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