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HCI Website Design Report1
Determining the Number of Evaluators8
Evaluation of a library management system11

HCI Website Design Report

HCI Website Design Report Abstract The aim of this assignment is to use human computer interaction techniques to produce a ticket selling website. I decided to produce an online cinema ticket booking system. The first stage was to evaluate existing cinema ticket booking systems. To do this I made a few comments on each of the websites I visited. I then produced 10 questionnaires and carried out statistical analysis on the results. I produced some usability heuristics and a low fidelity paper prototype. This was examined and revised after suggestions were made by a selection of users. The next stage was to design a high fidelity prototype using the information achieved from the above. The high fidelity prototype allows the user to select and book a ticket for their specified film. Introduction It is important to take a user centred approach to designing a website to ensure that the site is easy to use and follows usability heuristics. These are usually

A Report On Molich and Nielsen Heuristics.

Commentary on Four Websites By Katy Bergson In this essay I shall be considering the effectiveness of four websites. I shall be looking particularly at where and what the creators have put on the site. Also the way pictures, writing, colour and graphics are used. They probably spent a long time designing and putting it together. I will try and pick out the main decisions and choices they have made. This will help us understand more about language used to welcome and invite. The sites I have chosen to look at are Amazon (the UK site), BBC online, Cornwallis School and Sky sports. The sites all have different purposes and are designed to that particular genre's specification. Amazon is a site aiming to sell. BBC online is more about information but it is also promoting its channels. Cornwallis School Site is there to give information about that school. Finally Sky Sports is giving information while at the same time promoting itself (like BBC online). The ...


The Human–computer interaction (HCI is the study of Interaction between users and computers which occurs at the user interface, which includes both software and hardware, Heuristic evaluation is a good method for finding both major and minor problems in a user interface. As one might have expected, major problems are slightly easier to find than minor problems, with the probability for finding a given major usability problem at 42 percent on the average for single evaluators in six case studies (Nielsen 1992). Molich and Nielsen [1990a] have listed nine heuristics which can be used to generate ideas while critiquing the system. These nine principles seem to be well suited as the basis for practical heuristic evaluation. These nine principles correspond more or less to principles that are generally recognized in the user interface community and almost all usability problems fit well into one of these categories.

The Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is the study of Interaction between users and computers which occurs at the user interface, which includes both software and hardware. Interaction design is the art of effectively creating interesting and valuable information for others by organizing and presenting data and information in a n effective manner A central concern of HCI is to develop interactive products that are usable. By this is generally meant easy to learn, effective to use, and providing an enjoyable user experience1 HCI consists of three parts: the user, the computer itself, and the ways they work together.

The Importance of HCI in Website Development

The principles
Molich and Nielsen have listed ten heuristics which can be used to generate ideas while evaluating and designing a system these principles are...
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