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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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Associate Level Material
Medical Terminology Breakdown

Break down 10 medical words from your chosen article.
Place the component parts in the correct boxes.
Copy and paste this template into your Week Eight paper.

| |Medical Word |Prefix |Combining form |Suffix |Definition | |1 |Diagnosis |Dia |Gnos/o |Osis |Complete knowledge of condition | |5 |Spinal | |Spin/o |Al |Pertain to the spine or backbone | |6 |Orthopedic |Orth/o |Ped/o |Ic |Straight ,child Knowledge | |7 |Ultrasonography |Ultra |Son/o |Grapy |Beyond higher sound process of recording | |8 |Neonatology |Ne/o |Nat/o |Logy |Study of birth | |9 |Malformation |Mal |Format/o |Ion |Bad structure condition | |10 |Neurology | |Neur/od |Logy |Study of nerves |

My 10 Sentences
1. My father and grandmother have spinal injury.
2. My daughter has good motor skills.
3. When it rains and storms real ad it makes my children real nervous. 4. My sisters had to wait at the doctors of for a long time for my sister diagnosis. 5. Down syndrome is a congenital condition.

6. I had to go to an orthopedic doctor when I broke my leg in a car wreck. 7. When I had my baby pre-mature she had to be treated in a neonatology center. 8. My best friend’s son has a malformation of the jaw.

9. When I went to the hospital my mom could to see her granddaughter in my...
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