Hca Dq Wk1

Topics: Health care, Hospital, Medicine Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Discussion Question 1
What are some examples of ancillary services in health care? How do these ancillary services support the health care industry? Some examples of ancillary services in health care are; testing such as: laboratory, imaging, cardiac monitoring, etc. Therapies such as: dialysis, chiropractic, outpatient rehab, etc. Physician alternatives: such as walk-in clinics and urgent care centers. Post-acute hospital services such as: hospice, inpatient rehab, surgery centers, etc. Medical devices such as durable medical equipment, implantable devices, diabetic supplies, etc., and other services such as podiatry, transportation, and vision. Ancillary services support the health care industry by helping maximize practice profitability and better serve patients while providing quality medical care, often in the physician’s office or close by. These services are usually at a cost that is generally lower than those offered by hospitals, there for making it affordable.

Discussion Question 2
Mary Happens is an 82-year-old Hispanic patient who has been admitted to the hospital. She has Medicare and Medicaid. What demographic factors should be considered in providing this patient health care? What is the effect of culture on prevention and use of alternative remedies? The demographic factors that should be considered in providing Mary's care is her age, gender, living arrangements, risks of diseases, and ethnicity. Mary has Medicare and Medicaid because she will need to be covered if anything were to arise for instance being hospitalized or if she were to receive medical treatment at a doctor’s office. By having both Medicare and Medicaid for insurance Mary is most likely to be fully covered. ; Where one company fails to provide the other will. This is rather convenient in case of an emergency. There are really no alternatives for her, unless she has alternative ways in paying. The effect of culture on prevention and use of alternative remedies...
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