Hca 340 Research Paper

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Using the Fundamental Elements of Strategic Planning, Performance Improvement, and Information Systems in Ensuring the Delivery of Quality in Health Care

HCA 340: Managing in Health and Human Services

The health care industry can be thought of as a chaotic, constant changing business. It was once stated that chaos cannot be controlled. Perhaps that is the truth, yet there are several techniques that can be used when bringing order to this multi-trillion dollar industry while keeping the quality in health care services in tact. Health care services are measured by cost, quality and access. In order to provide efficient care and maintain an operable business, it is important to understand how sufficient strategic planning, performance improvement, and information systems interrelate to one another and benefit the delivery of health care while ensuring quality in the delivery of health care services. This paper is intended to provide how these three fundamental elements correlate with one another and play an important role in operating a successful health care facility and business.

Perhaps one of the most crucial component of running and maintaining a health care facility is the process of strategic planning. This building block acts as a guide in which course the business will take. Whether the organization is for-profit or not-for-profit, the long term goals and effects can act as a deciding factor in the survival of the business. The purpose of implementing a strategic plan is to prepare for future goals and possible issues. An organization must prepare itself for forces that are both controllable and uncontrollable and implement strategies in order to adapt to the situations.

The development of the strategic plan and the execution of the organization’s strategy are two interrelated activities that are a part of the dynamic strategic planning process, (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2007). “The development of the plan usually spans a multi-year time horizon…and is updated annually,” (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2007). Strategic planning is a glimpse as to how the organization is currently working with market factors and possible threats or opportunities that the organization may wish to address.

It is important to have the involvement of physicians in strategic planning, as stated in the article, The Necessity for Physician Involvement in Strategic Planning in Healthcare Organizations from the American Journal of Surgery, which does an impeccable job of summarizing the significance of strategic planning. Its position is that, “strategic planning is necessary in health care organizations to meet the constraints of a lean economy, rapidly changing technologies, and an unprecedented need to provide quality services at affordable prices. It offers a structure for assessing core strengths and environmental conditions and an innovative approach to enhance revenue and minimize costs. During the planning process, organizations define their mission, identify direction, develop a unified approach, prioritize long- and short-term goals, assign accountability, and allocate financial resources. Effective strategic planning is a continuous process and becomes an integral part of an organization’s culture. Implementation is a part of strategy formulation, because future insights arise from current operating experiences. Success depends on buy-in from stakeholders, including physicians, nurses, and managers. The invested effort can offer the rewards of management that is proactive rather than crisis driven,” (Schwartz & Cohn, 2002).

A SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) is a situational assessment used to recognize a company’s internal strengths and weaknesses.
To put the meaning of strategic planning into better perspective, think of it as arranging, preparing, implementing, and managing your goals in life. You plan to attend school, graduate high school, enroll in...
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