Hca 250 Final

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Health Psychology Committee Report

HCA 250
May 2008

Health Psychology Committee Report page 2
Our hospital as well as all hospitals need a health care reform plan to ensure that all patients are getting proper counseling during their hospital stay and when they leave they can take care of themselves to the best of their ability with out-patient help if needed. Education about their illnesses, surgeries, hospital stays, overall health, and after care is of utmost importance to all patients. I have put together a plan for our five new psychologists that will cover all of our patients’ psychological health care needs. I have assigned each one of them duties to ensure every patient gets adequate psychological care. I have chosen an out-patient pain management counselor as our fifth employee because I feel that our patients remain our patients even after they leave our hospital and that we need to provide services to them when they go home should they need them. There will be certain criteria each counselor is expected to follow to meet the many needs of our patients; present and former. “Emotional labor is the work of regulating feelings in the context of employment. Providers of consumer-based mental health services help others through their use of autobiographical experiences. These providers thus routinely perform emotional labor as they negotiate their working relationships with other service users, consumer-provider colleagues, and non-consumer coworkers (Mancini, Lawson, 2009).” With our five new employees, there will be complete, caring, comprehensive psychiatric care for the maintenance and well-being of our patients. After all, our goal here is to give our patients better overall patient health, measurable by shorter hospitalizations and improved adherence to medical regimens. “Psychiatrists and clinical psychologists diagnose substance abuse on the basis of 3 criteria: 1Failing to fulfill important obligations, such as in repeatedly neglecting a child or being absent from work. 2Putting oneself or others at repeated risk for physical injury, for instance, by driving while intoxicated. 33.Having substance-related legal difficulties, such as being arrested for disorderly conduct (Axia College, 2009).” “In medical terminology, an addiction is a state in which the body relies on a substance for normal functioning and develops physical dependence, as in drug addiction (Wikipedia, 2009).” This is also true with any addition with food and even additions that the body does not require a substance to be satisfied but by the mind as in gambleing. I have assigned our substance abuse counselor to; screen and test patients, assess them, plan individual treatment, schedule intervention, counsel them on individually or with a family member or famlies, then refer patients to specialists if needed, plan if and when discharge will occur, plan continuing care, keeping records of improvement, problems if any and schedule consultations with other professionals concerning the patient's treatment services, prepare case management, ( which requires time and planning ), also provide crisis intervention, help with education on substance abuse, and prepare the patient for employment, and getting back to normal living by teaching life skills. It is the responsibility of the substance abuse counselor to coordinate the use of recovery programs and structured programs for substance abuse, working side by side with a social worker so everything tries to run smoothly. Patients will be monitored closely to make sure they stick to their regiment plans and to take their medication if they are on any and learn to record everything. Keeping records helps everyone involved so both patients and caregivers are well informed and know what is going on so if problems arise they know what might have happened and when. The counselor will use Psychosocial methods and will work on the patient’s stay...
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