Hca 240 Kidney Failure Checkpoint

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  • Published : January 15, 2011
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CheckPoint: Kidney Failure
1) Mrs. Jones’s kidneys are in shock from the surgery. They are producing very little urine because the kidneys are unable to clean the creatinine and urea from the blood. These are the waste products of the body. The kidneys also balance water, salt and minerals in the body so when there is little urine output it indicates that these waste products are building up in the body. 2) Other signs or symptoms that might happen are headaches, breath that smells like ammonia, swelling, nausea and vomiting, flank pain, and stomach upset. In the most serious cases the symptoms can be muscle weakness and possible cardiac arrest due to a high amount of potassium in the blood. 3) Mrs. Jones’s kidney disease is the result of the blocked vessels in her heart for which she had surgery. If there is not enough blood flow in the body then the kidneys can be damaged. 4) Acute renal failure is easier to treat than chronic renal failure. It is possible that the problems that are causing the kidney failure can be cured within a few days and her kidneys can work well enough so that her life can be normal with no long lasting effects. Her doctor may recommend dialysis which mimics your kidneys so that your kidneys can get a break until they are ready to do the job once again. Antibiotics are also used to prevent infections from complicating things further. Diuretics can be used for the swelling due to excess water. Usually a special diet for renal patients is given so the kidneys do not have to work any harder than they have to while they recover. 5) Mr. Hodges’s chronic renal failure is affecting the rest of his body because chronic renal failure is the result of long term kidney disease. It takes time to develop and the symptom such as decreased urinary output happens slowly. By the time the disease is diagnosed the toxins have spread throughout the body and affects other areas. 6) As Mr Hodges condition gets worse he could have his...
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