Hca/240 Blood Disorders

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  • Published : August 5, 2011
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Blood Disorders
Vicki L. Fowler
July 24, 2011
Mary Dawson

Blood Disorders
There are many different types of blood disorders that people live with. Some of the blood disorders are hereditary and some are caused by other related factors. There are blood tests and symptoms that are checked by the doctor to treat the correct problem. The treatment of blood disorders is essential to prevent further problems or death. These blood disorders described below are just a few or the example that can happen to people young or older. A common form of anemia is iron deficiency anemia affecting many Americans today. Iron deficiency anemia is caused by the lack of iron in the body from diet. The lack of iron is also caused by growth spurts, pregnancy, and blood loss. (Family Doctor. Org, 2011) the problems with diet that people have are usually women and young children. Women that are pregnant or are nursing need a greater intake of iron. The iron deficiency form bleeding can occur during menstruation in women, ulcers of the stomach, and cancer. Iron deficiency anemia is diagnosis by telling the doctor the symptoms that are experienced by the patient as well as blood tests. The blood tests are measuring the hemoglobin in the blood. (Health Central, 2011) the blood is looked at to see the red blood cell size to determine the type of anemia. The doctor can also order a bone marrow test to see the level of B12 in the body. The blood test can also look for ferritin, which is produced in premenopausal women. (Health Central, 2011) After finding, the cause of the iron deficiency in the patient then the doctor can treat the problem correctly. The patient that is not eating enough iron the increase in foods such as green leafy vegetables , whole grains , and seafood just to name a few . The need for iron increase in the diet a person can also take a pill or a shot for iron needs. The patients that are unable to absorb iron may...
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