Hca 230 Week 1 Check Piont

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Hca 230 Week 1 Check Piont

By | Jan. 2011
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Check Point Week 1 Health Communication

Heather Roberts

January 12, 2011


Bobbie Williams

It is very important to understand the major components of Health Communication, other wise conversations between two people will less likely be understood. There are many components of Health Communication; process, personal goals, interdependence, sharing meaning, and sensitivity. Communication is known as a process we must recognize and follow up on the communication we have with others. I like to think of the process being introduction, explanation, and following to make sure the opposite person in the conservation understood the conversation. Personal Goals, the patients we tend to may have personal goals to express the pain or emotions. Nurse and doctors may also have personal goals to keep themselves from getting burned out, stressed, or over worked. It is very important to make goals for ourselves to later have something to look at and measure our accomplishment. Interdependence is another component, like Chapter 2 explain, no one person can communicate alone, with means that communicators are interdependent. Since communicator are interdependence, we rely on each other and exert mutual influence on communication episodes. Sensitivity is one of the communication components, as said in chapter two, many theorist consider that the best communication are sensitive to other people's feeling and expectations. Being sensitive means looking and listening carefully to someone else problem or condition. The next part of communication is shared meaning. Shared meaning is a very simple but important part of the entire process. It is very important to make sure both participant of the conversation share the same feels about the conversation. In health care it is important to make everyone help comfortable and welcomed. In all the major components of Health Communication, the patients, physician, and all the other employees in the Health Care...

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