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Communication Process Works
HCA/ 230
March 17, 2013
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Communication Process Worksheet

1. Briefly described the misunderstanding, including the setting and the people involved. I had a misunderstanding with my son bus driver and teacher, there always be miscommunications with us all the time. For instance one incident I let my son bus drivers know that my son has to attends physical and occupational therapy on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. I have noticed my son bus driver was continually stopping by the house on those mornings. So I informed the driver again and the driver was confused about the days and she was frustrated about the situation. Then on several days the driver did not come by the house so I informed the board to have a meeting to discuss the matter so we could straight out the misunderstood communication. So in the meeting I decide to come up with we exchange phone number and we should always text and I will remind her about what’s day my son going or not. The miscommunication with my son teacher is the days my son attends therapy she get my son confuse with another student and me confuse with the student mother and I let her know about what days my son attends therapy and what days he have appointment on so his teacher decide to complain to the school principal about my son and they were aware of the situation because I always informed them about every doctor appointment. So there was a meeting held in the office with every parents so she could know for sure what students she informing information to each parent is correctly so in the meeting it was good communication going and every parent and teacher left there with great communication skills when every one voice their opinion. In the meeting we discuss the teacher should have communication folder so the teachers and parents can keep communication open and going and every parent can know what going on with their child or children’s and the principal...
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