Hca 210 Final Project

Topics: Health insurance, Health care, Health economics Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: January 19, 2011
HCA 210 Final Paper

Health Care for Everyone

Health care is on the minds of the American population because people do not know if he/she can afford coverage through the proposed plan. Costs seem to affect current American resources, so a health care savings fund is the choice for a new health care system. Assuming there are 309,415,069 citizens in the United States and every citizen paid $8.67 a month for health care. This would produce $2,682,628,648.23 (billion) per month, $34,191,543,778.76 (billion) with added interest per year. This plan has no co-pay, no deductible, no pre-existing condition clause, and no coverage denial. However, this new system requires people to eat and live healthier. Other funding would come from corporations. Funding would depend on the size of the corporation. For example, pharmaceutical companies would pay a small fee for each pill produced daily, and housing lenders would pay a small fee for every home financed. This plan would pay physicians and hospitals on a monthly basis through electronically transferred funds that go directly into the health care facilities’ financial institution. Not all Americans or physicians/hospitals will participate, but should consider participating. This is health care for all citizens of the United States and not health insurance. The elderly, children, low-income families, and anyone else enrolled would benefit from this health care system. Corporations would also benefit from this new health care system. People who enroll in this system would only pay $8.67 a month for coverage. This coverage would also help pay for prescription costs. This plan would also pay pharmacies through electronical payment methods. The new health care system would operate from one facility, under one economic group, and would not be under scrutiny of different organizations. This will help control the system accurately because all the funds, files, and personal information are in one facility. The people who do...
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