Hca 210 Appendix B

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  • Published : May 25, 2012
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HCA 210 Appendix B

Axia College Material
Appendix B: Overview of Health Care Workforce Matrix


|Type of Provider & Purpose |Job Title |Role of Health Care Personnel | |Office or Hospital |Primary Care Physician |physician who sees patients for routine and preventive care | | |CNA (Certified Nursing Asst) |Nurses who completed state approved program. Will asst Physicians by taking med | | |Surgical Technologist |history, vital signs and taking blood | | |Office Administrator |Assist the surgical team by preparing patients and surigical supplies, transferring | | | |patients | | | |manages the business side of the practice, billing, patient files, setting | | | |appointment (can work in offices, hospitals or special facilities like therapists or| | | |diagnostics) | |Therapy Provider |Physical Therapists |help patients restore mobility and muscle movement. (work in hospitals, private | | |Respiratory Therapists |offices or rehabilitation centers0...
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