Hca/205 Stress and Illness in the Workplace Matrix

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Stress and Illness in the Workplace Matrix

Use the following table to describe the relationship between stress and health in the workplace and to identify ways to reduce stress in the workplace. If you use additional sources, include citations consistent with APA guidelines.

What is the relationship between stress and health in the workplace?

Stress and health play a big role in the work place. Stress can cause many different diseases such as, high blood pressure, headaches, heart disease and even cancer. It is important to live a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and get enough sleep to help combat stress. If you are stressed then you cannot be productive in the workplace.

Identify a situation in which you experienced stress in the workplace or provide a fictional example.

I worked at a restaurant in High School. I was a cashier, hostess, waitress, and dish-washer. It was mother’s day and there was supposed to be three hostess’s/cashier’s. The other 2 decided to not show up that day and we were very busy. One waitress was 8 months pregnant and could not keep up with her tables so I was asked to also help her. I already had a lot to do and it was very overwhelming. In the middle of my shift the dishwasher decided to leave and I was told that I needed to wash the dishes, help with the cash register, and the pregnant waitress.

List ways to reduce stress in the workplace from the situation or example you provided.

In this case even though I was very stressed and just wanted to quit that day along with the 3 people that did. I thought about the fact that if I did all these things and was at least semi-successful at them then maybe the owners would rely on me a little more and give me a better solid position rather than being a floater for where ever I was needed. Reading the chapter I see that this is called the cognitive approach.

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