Hbsm Case Study

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Case Study: Hospital Databases Management System

In what ways would DBMS help the Hospital?
Wellmeadows Hospital serves a verity of clients for medical procedures, and employs a full staff of professional and administrative personnel. Currently the hospital is managed through paper forms, many of which require elements of the same information, so this case study exploring the HDBMS ways, needs, queries and the relationships that exist between the data.

A database management system (DMMS) can help Wellmeadow Hospital and identify the needs to be represented in database in many ways:

* In defining database requirements for the hospital staff,clients ,setup and processes, the hospital can be better identify its business and examine its strengths and weaknesses , in the effect analysis for the database can become an opportunity to examine and improve the business as a whole. * Because a DBMS requires a considerable investment of time and money , the hospital has an opportunity to prioritize its needs, with a phased approach to systems implementation the hospital can focus on identifying (and reengineering if needed) core functions first .

* The structure of a DBMS forces the hospital to clarify data needs, enforces data consistency, eliminates redundancy, and reduces error.

* In the time sensitive, privacy focused world of hospital operations, needs the speed and security of a DBMS can literally and figuratively save lives.

* Relevant data

Here are the main categories and subcategories of data Wellmeadows Hospital:


* Medical Director
* Personnel officer
* Charge nurses
* Physicians
* Auxiliaries
* Specialists


* Inpatient
* Outpatient

* Beds
* Surgical
* Nonsurgical
* Pharmaceutical
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