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Topics: Facebook, Bain & Company, Mission statement Pages: 7 (2522 words) Published: November 7, 2012
Au Bon Pain
This is a company which has achieved great success and soon had become the leader on the market. If we could describe them by only one word that word would be: Quality. Very quickly they became recognizable. Despite that they gained a lot of competition in the market they were still trying to develop. The company began to develop so quickly that they had to make some changes. They stopped and focused their attention on the structure of the company, the company inside. From the early beginning “Au Bon Pain” has been managed by people with experience in the industry as well as very well-educated. Shaich and Kane – both were students of Harvard Business School and College. Thanks to a few golden rules, which they remembered from school, they were able to manage their business. They decided to make several changes. They decided to work on the quality rather than on speed. The major change was a decision to centralize production, which led to improved quality of the products. They also decided to increase the quality of work and make some reductions in employees. Inside the company, they shaped the structure of the teamwork. Everyone was in the company of his own choice, everyone shared the same values. Through communication between employees at every level, they were able to take better control over the entire company. People felt themselves as part of a whole and, therefore, performed the work well and selflessly. Of course, it was connected with the great progress, so the company assured employees the training, high wages for well-done work and a lot of benefits. With these changes, and high culture of the company, they have gained a lot of shareholders and attracted the attention of a new partner- Len Schlesinger. At the beginning he wasn’t interested in cooperation offer, but it turned out, that the company mission statement is related with his personal statement, and and that it is a place exactly for him. The company still makes changes, improves its products, looks for new solutions, believing and trying to be a leader, thanks to its quality, its enthusiasm and cooperation.

Whole story of the great Facebook started in a small dorm room at Harvard University. Mark Zuckerberg, ingenious young student, had an idea to create a page named Facemash.com . It was a ranking of some random face photos of students from Harvard. The page created a sensation among the students, became a source of fun, a lot of rumors and a way to kill a routine of studying. It was not, however, a serious site and it didn’t fit the rules, therefore, the University authorities didn’t like it and forced Zuckerberg to close the page. But the young man knew already, what are the young people needs. He quickly made up a new page called “The Facebook” which was to be a database of students with their photos and information that could help establish a contact with people from different departments. The community has begun to change because it created some groups of friends, castes, people wanted to know each other, people started to make new relationships and information about the wonderful site began to leak out of the University. At the beginning everything was only between the campuses on the area of U.S., but soon the “page for the selected” attracted such great interest of the group of users, that Zuckenberg needed the funding to keep his idea running on this scale. However, he didn’t have a problem with that. His idea was so popular, and thus so innovative that its destiny was a success. He decided to quit school and, together with Parker- who was the famous founder of Napster, begun to work on the development of the network. Parker became a president and their change the name for “Facebook”, to make it simpler and consequently, more memorable. They attracted the attention of Thiel- a venture capitalist, founder of PayPal who decided to invest great amounts of money. We can easily see that a good idea...
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