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Jimmy Q. Arroyo Jr. and Walter P. Gonzalbo

The problem we have identified in the given case of Sylvia Gregorio was regarding the inefficiency of the employees of the Center for Energy Research and Development (CERD) Division of the Philippine Energy Company (PEC). Based on the given case where the complaints of both parties which included Sylvia Gregorio and the rest of the employees of CERD were briefed, we came up with some a list of problems which we decided to term as “Inefficiency” in general all through out the discussion of our analysis of Sylvia Gregorio’s case. The list consists of the following:

1. The employees in the CERD had tendencies of not taking their work seriously and seemed not to work hard unlike their PEC-Makati counterparts. 2. There are formations of cliques and exclusive groups which secluded and isolated certain groups of employees from each other. 3. The existence of disparity between salaries particularly the issue of unjust salary earned by every employee as well as the issue of confidentiality of the salary information. 4. There is dissatisfaction and inconsistency with the work particularly referring to the “No Promotion” status of several employees (specifically referring to Sylvia Gregorio) who became stagnant with their position in the company. 5. The Non-recognition of the abilities and skills of the various employees of the company which resulted in the discriminatory disadvantages of either male/female employee in a particular unit/section of the CERD division. 6. The misinterpreted allowable leave credits, frequent absenteeism and under time during office hours of the employees which is so much relevant to Sylvia Gregorio’s case. 7. The sleeping habits of employees during office hours and doing nothing on the job which became a big issue in particular among the rest of the employees of CERD against Sylvia Gregorio. 8. The backstabbing and meddling of the employees to each other’s personal matters which greatly affected the credibility and status of every single employee of the entire company. 9. And finally, the loose and non-tolerant practices of the employees of the organization with the existing laws and policies of the company. All of these specific problems contributed to the inefficiency of the employees working at the CERD division of the PEC as a whole. Therefore, we came up with the statement of the problem which is, “What should the Top Management do to address and fix the problem of inefficiency among the employees of the CERD Division of the PEC?”

Now that we have determined the problem regarding Sylvia Gregorio’s case, we came up with the following objectives: 1. To be able to establish positive transformation with regards to personality development of all the employees of the entire Philippine Energy Company in general as influenced by his/her certain values. 2. To be able to improve the working relationship and atmosphere between all the employees of the CERD Division as well as within the entire PEC, thus developing the spirit of camaraderie and unity. 3. To be able to create and polish better standards and policies with regards to the allowable leave, absent and under time credits for the entire company. 4. To be able to resolve the issues on disparity and the confidentiality of the salary of all the employees of the CERD Division in compliance with the entire PEC standards and policies. 5. To be able to resolve the problem on the promotion and benefits of all the employees of PEC particularly to those of the CERD Division inclusive of the impartial and equal treatment and designation of a certain employee to a particular position within the company recognizing hi/her abilities and skills beneficial to the company....
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