Topics: Anabolic steroid, Major League Baseball, Testosterone Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Steroids and Baseball
As most people know by now, the ban on steroids has become one of baseballs biggest rules as of late. They are banned for a number of reasons, mainly because steroids are dangerous and harmful to someone’s body, and because steroids make a person more muscular. Every year more and more professional baseball players are caught with steroids or some type of medicine that is similar to steroids in their system, and then make up an excuse as to why they have these drugs in their bodies. The main key is that steroids are banned from Major League Baseball; if someone takes steroids, they are not abiding by the rules and will suffer the consequences.

According to one Web site, steroids are synthetic (man-made) substances related to the male sex hormones, promote muscle growth and the development of male sexual characteristics (National Drug Intelligence Center). Steroids are not just taken by baseball players, but by many other athletes such as competitive weight lifters. These drugs are starting to get more popular, and that is why they are starting to crackdown on users in Major League Baseball. Therefore, they have new rules and regulations all players must abide by in order to play.

Steroids have been banned from baseball for almost 20 years, but no one was tested before 2003. Many major league players have “juiced”, and have been suspended from baseball. The term “juiced” is a term used when talking about someone using steroids, usually by injecting themselves with a needle. The suspension usually lasts for 50 games, which is just under a third of the games played in one season. Many of the players that were caught do not play professional baseball today. One player who finally admitted to juicing on and off in his career is Mark McGwire, who is now a batting coach for his old team, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Steroids can be found fairly easy. Just like any other drug someone may want to purchase illegally, steroids...
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