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Welcome HBA Class of 2014 to the Richard Ivey
School of Business. I am extremely excited to
welcome you to the best business program in
Canada. You are about to embark on one of the
most challenging, invigorating, and enlightening
journeys of your life. This program will challenge
your philosophies, and stretch your limits; both
physically and mentally. You will grow, change and
succeed in ways you never thought were possible.
The Guru Executive team has been working
extremely hard over the past few months to
ensure your first Ivey experience is unforgettable.
The events planned will assist you in becoming
familiar with your new academic environment,
learn about the numerous extra-curricular
opportunities available, and most importantly,
meet your HBA-Ivey family.
The theme for Ivey O-Week is

#YOLO: You Only Live Once.
Embrace this opportunity and saturate this year
with everything you have dreamt to accomplish,
academically, socially and personally. Maximize
your Ivey experience. HBA1, as with anything in
life, is what you make of it, so throw yourself into it.
I hope that O-Week will open your eyes to all that
Ivey has to offer and get you pumped for the next
2 years.

Samantha Hamilton

Head Orientation Coordinator

Congratulations and welcome to Ivey!
You are about to join a class of extremely bright, fun, talented, and ambitious people who will join you in the most challenging yet rewarding part of your education. Your peers will challenge you, teach you, and grow with you more than you can

Cyrus Aga

imagine. At Ivey, you will be pushed to become your absolute

VP Academic

best, so get ready! The Guru Executive team has worked tire-


lessly for months to welcome you to Ivey and celebrate this
exciting new beginning. My advice would be to meet and get

Shalyn Orange

to know as many people as possible during O-Week. Get to

VP Communications

know your Gurus, too, as they can be great assets during your


Ivey experience. In the next years, you will make connections with your peers that will last a lifetime, so come out to all the

Dhruv Vyas

events and don’t hold back!

VP Finance

As President of the HBAA, I act as your voice with the faculty, program office, and the rest of the Western community. I’m

Josh Melchers

here to help you wherever I can throughout the next year, so

VP Student Events

don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and stop into the HBAA



Gina Bucio Betancourt
I’m looking forward to a fantastic O-Week and 2012-2013

VP University Affairs

school year, and I hope you are too!


Connor Lyons
HBAA President


Gurus are second year Ivey students


t hat lead Ivey Orientation Week and

This case study is a great learning opportunity. A

m entor you throughout the year. They

randomly chosen group of 5-7 people are assigned

a re a great resource for information

t o work together to analyse a case and provide a

a nd suppor t . G urus were caref ully

w ritten repor t within 4 8 hours. Thi s “4 8 Hour ”

s elected to create a diverse team of

s cenario imitates real-life because we must work

p ositive role models that embody

u nder time pressures, maximize the strengths of all

t he Ivey spirit. They are hard working

o u r t e a m m e m b e r s , a n d m a n a g e t h e d i f f e re n t

a nd committed students who want to

p ersonalities present in any team. Tips for successful

a ssist in making your HBA1 year as

4 8 Hour Reports:

s uccessful and memorable as possible.
I e ncourage all HBA1 students to use

1) Sleep on your first night. You will burn out if you

t his invaluable resource and to get to

d on’t and your report won’t...
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