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Hb 4820

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Position Paper on H.B. 4820

H.B. 4820 or “An Act Creating Nueva Camarines” was now the trending issue in Camarines Sur authored by 4th district Congressman Noli Fuentebella and it has been approved by the majority of the house committee but still need to undergo several processes. The proposed new province will combine the towns of Caramoan, Garchitorena, Lagonoy, Presentacion, San Jose, Siruma, Tinambac, Goa, Tigaon and Sagñay of the fourth district and the towns of Baao, Balatan, Bato, Bula, Buhi, Nabua and Iriga City of the fifth district. 

The creation of the province of Nueva Camarines is expected to accelerate the political, social and economic development that will greatly benefit not only the people in the proposed province, but also those in the mother province of Camarines Sur, not to mention the entire country (H.B. 4820, 2010). It was remarkable to hear this kind of good news, but it is very confusing that in order to attain those goals Cam. Sur needs to be separated into two, while popular lyrics from a song of Smokie says “for together we stand, divided we fall”. Is it the only reason for this partitioning? Or is this another political strategy?

Section 461 of R.A. 7160 mandates that the income classification of the mother province (Cam. Sur) will not be reduced and it will remain to be a first class province even though Nueva Camarines will be created. At the same time, the separate province may also become a first class province with Php 591, 222, 623.52 average incomes for four years that was according to the Bureau of Local Government Finance Certification.

On the other hand, the summary of significant audit findings for the last three years showed that there were numerous discrepancies on Financial and Compliance Audit and in Value for Money Audit which means probably both the two provinces will encounter difficulty to become a first class province with this status of audit findings. And if Nueva Camarines...

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