Hazards of Unsafe Driving

Topics: Automobile, Family, Tram accident Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: October 25, 2012
There are many hazards of unsafe driving. It is a known fact that speed kills! When you operate a motor vehicle it is a privilege. After thinking about my speeding ticket I realized there may have been far reaching circumstances as a result of my actions. For one thing I thought of my mother Romaneir, who loves me dearly, if anything were to happen to me it would completely devastate her life. And another thing is my little brother Miguel, who looks up to me, if anything were to happen to me he would never be the same. My older sister Quartina, even though we argue all the time, she is my sister and her life would be changed. And my nanny Shannon, who I grew up with adores me would be crushed if I were to get hurt or killed. (She fusses at me all the time about driving too fast). And I have a girlfriend Mariah, whom I have grown very close to and that I plan to marry, her future too would be destroyed if anything bad happened to me. That is just my immediate family. Not counting my grandmother, aunts , uncles, cousins and all of my friends and the friends of all the people I know that would be affected by such a tragedy. I began to think how whatever you do not only impacts your life but all of the people around you. It also would have tragic results to any other person that may be involved if an accident were to occur. And their families and friends as well. There would be far reaching sadness due to making the bad decision to speed. It is really foolish when I sit and think about it to jeopardize my safety or my future. Not just loss of life can occur, there are people who have been permanently injured from horrible car accidents. I personally know a lady who was involved in an automobile accident. Both of her legs and both ankles were broken and she has had to undergo numerous surgeries. This happened in May and she is in the hospital now just finishing up another surgery and she may need more. I am glad I have been given...
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