Hazards of Only Child Parents

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The Hazards of Being One-Child Parents
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Since the Birth-Control Policy was carried out in our nation, people are always having argument about the hazards of being an only child. Meanwhile, however, the policy has a great influence not only on children, but also on parents. And doubtless, there are some obvious hazards of being one-child parents. One problem is that one-child parents don’t have a second chance of smoothing over their faults in raising up kids. As one-child parents, if they make some mistakes when bringing up their children, realize the mistakes as they do, they will not have a chance to correct them, because they only have one child. On the contrary, those who have several children can improve their methods of rearing children when their second or third child is born. Another problem is that one-child parents lack companionship, especially when they are getting older. On the one hand, since one-child parents have only a son or a daughter, they will have less grandchildren than those multichildren parents. On the other hand, once their only son or only daughter lives abroad, it means that there will be no younger generation to take care of them and to bring happiness to them. The aged parents have to totally depend on themselves, living in helpless and loneliness. Although a minority of people think that one-child parents are more free from worry and have more free time, a majority of people hold the opposite opinion. From my perspective, the disadvantages of being one-child parents outweigh the advantages.
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