Hazards of Nuclear Wars

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Nuclear warfare Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: October 4, 2012
Hazards of Nuclear War
Of the many problems that beset the world and mankind, war is one of them. Wars have been fought from the dawn of history to modern-day setting. Generally agreed, they are dangerous, resulting in great loss of property and life. The 20th century has seen two such major wars, in the second of which, for the first time, an atom bomb was used to hasten the end of the war. In spite of witnessing the horrors of war, many powerful nations have not ceased either the accumulation of weapons of war or preparation of war. Their action clearly demonstrates that they do not seem to understand or perhaps, refuse to admit that another war held these days could be disastrous to the world, because each current war proves to be more terrible than the previous one and causes greater destruction. If a third world war should break out, it would surely be fought with nuclear weapons and it is well known to us what the consequences would be. It has been the nature of mankind that whenever any new invention or discovery is made, man tries to find out how such invention can be used for destructive purposes towards the production of a nuclear bomb or different types of nuclear weapons. Almost every powerful nation that does so says that such efforts are taken only for defensive purpose. But against who or what? No one knows. The distrust and suspicion which clouded these nations is responsible for the tension in the present-day world. If these feelings are allowed to grow further, the world might be heading early to its abyss of destruction. Every statesman, politician, economist, educationist, scientist and even the common man must understand that a nuclear war, if it should break out, will cause inconceivable harm and damage to civilisation itself. Since the potentialities of nuclear weapons are developed in secrecy, the hazards that might result from the use of such weapons are indefinite and one can only make a wild guess about the consequences....
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