Hazards in the Healthcare Workplace

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Hazards in the healthcare

Hazards is anything that can cause harm or injury to someone, hazards are everywhere, some hazards cannot be eliminated complete, but it can be substitute to something less dangerous, and reduce the risk of injuries or accident. Most of the hazards can be preventable. To prevent an accident to happen, first the hazards must be identified, once the hazards were identified, assess the risks, for example who is at risks and what can be done to eliminate the hazards, the next steps is to apply control measures, control measures are actions to try to eliminate the hazard, removing the hazards from the worplace, or substitute the hazard to less dangerous one, removing the hazard is the most effective method to control the risk of accident because the hazard is no longer in the workplace. It is the employers duty to provide a safe place to work, to unsure the health and safety of everyone in the workplace, workers and visitors… it’s under the legislation, it is the employer duty to find out about the hazards in the workplace, assess their potential to cause harm, and then take steps to control the risks eliminating it or substituting to a less dangerours. It is the employer duty to provide safe equipments, to provide personal protective equipment and provide health and safety training and instructions to the employees. Employees have responsibilities under the health and safety legislation, it is the employees responsibilities to take care of their own health and safety and safety of others when at work, co- operate with their employer, use protective equipment correctly, only use work equipment if have been trained to use, report any faulty equipment, do not work under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs and if unsure the side effects of medications do not take before or during work hours because some can cause drowsiness and dizziness, do not engage in bad behaviour such as bulling, violence and horseplay, attend training and follow instructions, the employee must report anything that may think can be a hazard. Healthcare workers are more exposed to hazards than workers in other industries, there are many hazards that can injury and affect health in hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare workplace in general, some of these hazards are manual handling, slips, trips and fall, violence, hazardous substance and fire.

Manual handling

Manual handling is any activity that involves carrying, lifting, pushing, pulling, moving one thing to another, transfering loads. Loads can be objects or people, poor manual handling is a high risk for injury because it involves the use of the body, the load can be heavy and this activity may injury back or shoulder, to prevent this injury manual handling training is essential, one principle that is very basic is to bend on your knees and not on your back, in lifting in things you should place the load close to the body, foot apart and move loads at waist height than directly to the floor. In pushing or pulling, it is important to use both the arms and the legs to provide the start position. When moving, never twist the back, this action can cause back pains since the lower back is not designed repetitive for twisting Manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury in the healthcare workplace, very significant number of accidents in the healthcare workplace are related to lifting and carrying, nursing is one of the most at risk occupation for low back pain because of the handling patients tasks such as transferring and repositioning patients.

Patient handling can be a hazard because of the amount of physical effort that is need, it also can be a hazard if the nurse ignores manual handling training techniques, if no assistant from another staff is available, the lack of lifting equipment, inadequate foot wear and the lack of training, in 2010 35 % of the accidents reported to the health and safety authority were injures from manual...
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