Hazardous Materials Inspection

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Hazardous Materials Inspection


Hazardous Materials Inspection
Fire Protection Inspectors implement fire prevention and inspection duties designed to identify and decrease or abolish fire hazards in high fire expectancy areas. Knowledge and skills a Fire Protection Inspector must have include: recognizing standards covering fire protection and prevention techniques and procedures; agency and installation manuals, rules, and regulations; federal, state, and local fire protection/prevention ordinances and building codes; knowledge of fire propagation and progression and the application of accepted techniques and principles to reduce/eliminate hazards in a specialized environment with a high fire expectancy and potential for severity; understanding the arrangement, design, construction, and contents of buildings; locations of fire protection systems and other similar characteristics of the installation and of the latest changes in aircraft cockpit design, ordnance placement, and cabin layout including the operation of hatch or canopy release mechanisms, ejection seat mechanisms, and/or oxygen supply systems when work is associated with active aircraft; knowledge of health and environmental safety requirements in safety standards, regulations, and/or technical orders; ability to develop and conduct training, education, and information programs for a variety of client groups; maintain good working relations and use tact and firmness when dealing with operating officials and communicate orally and in writing; skills to recognize new or unusual types of combustibles or other hazardous material, determine their fire expectancy and severity, and adapt fire protection/prevention techniques to correct conditions or hazardous situations. When assigned to a newly constructed hazardous materials storage facility a Fire Protection Inspector must specifically look to see that the facility has appropriate permits (storage, installation, closure...
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