Hayes 3 Major Concerns

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  • Published : March 27, 2011
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Chapter 5---Inquiry

The Expository-Discovery Continuum

-Teaching Methodologies- teachers develop an ever-expanding repertoire of teaching techniques to help decide which techniques are appropriate for the situation at hand. -No single method meets all the needs of the children.

3 Teaching Methodologies
-Expository- teacher-dominant
-Free Discovery- student-dominant
-Guided inquiry- teacher facilitates children in their investigation of teacher-established topic.

-Teacher’s role: decide what is to be taught, lecture, provide notes, shows videos, explains charts, solves sample problems, shows material on the Internet, provide PPT presentations, demonstrates laboratory exercises, reads stories, and so on. -Advantages- Teacher must have the whole class attention. Teacher is able to present new information as background for upcoming studies, teacher is able to demonstrate an activity before setting children to work on their own, able to give directions, explanations, demonstrations of activities while having the attention of the class. Other advantages include efficient dissemination of information, uniformity of presentations, and clear development of the topic. =Disadvantages- Uncertain degree of attention of the children, lack of tailoring the lesson to the needs of each child, inability of children to follow the flow of the lesson at the same pace, and potential lack of relevance of the material to children’s lives. Jerome Bruner’s Disadvantages

2 Major Weaknesses- (1) It makes the learner passive and (2) the knowledge presented is inert. Leads to overdependence on the teacher, children learn only what the teacher presents, and results in reduced ability to use the material and the thinking processes outside the classroom.

Free Discovery
-Teacher’s Role- Provide a general topic for students to follow. Act as a resource and co-inquirer. -Advantages- Facilitation of the constructivist paradigm, the cognitive engagement of all...
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