Hayden Edwards

Topics: Mexico, Texas, Mexico City Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Hayden Edwards was a Texan settler and land speculator. In 1824, he received a land grant from the Mexican government, allowing him to settle families in East Texas. His grant had included the city of Nacogdoches and he soon angered many previous settlers. After his contract was revoke, he and his brother, Benjamin, declared their colony to be called the Republic of Fredonia. Edwards was forced to flee Texas when the Mexican army arrived to put an end to the rebellion. He did not return until after the Texas Revolution had broken out. Haden Edwards traveled to Mexico City and joined forces with Stephen F. Austin, and others, after learning that the Mexican authorities were considering opening Mexican Texas to American immigration. In 1824, the Mexican federal government passed a General Colonization Law that stated immigration was permitted into Texas. On March 24, 1825, Coahuila Tejas passed a law authorizing large land grants to empresarios, or contractors. Haden Edwards was one of the would-be empresarios that had congregated in Mexico to lobby for land grants. At that time, Edwards was an American land speculator who quickly became known for his quick temper and aggressiveness. Despite his attitude, he was granted a contract that allowed him to settle 800 families in East Texas. Edwards arrived in Nacogdoches in August of 1825 and in September ge posted notices alerting all residents that they must provide written proof of their land or it would be forfeited and sold or auctioned. Edward's goal was to remove most of the less-prosperous settlers and assign their land to wealthy planters from the southern part of the United States. As a wealthy planter himself, Edward rejected the residents who were poorer or of different race than himself. Anticipating the conflict between the new empresario and the long-time residents on the area, municipality acting alcalde, Luis Procela and municipality clerk, Jose Antonio Sepulveda, began validating the old Spanish...
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