Haxby Practice vs Collen Employment

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Haxby Practice vs Collen Employment
Human Resources has many duties and responsibilities when it comes to recruitment and selection of candidates. Human Resources (specialists or generalists) make the initial contact from setting up interviews, to either interviewing candidates themselves or sitting in on the process with the hiring team, to sending a final offer letter for the selected candidate to accept. Throughout this entire process, proof reading and checking of information before sending out or contacting candidates is extremely important to avoid costly or detrimental mistakes to the organization.

In the court case a claimant was offered a job following an interview for a nursing position and a salary was mentioned by the Head of Nursing. The claimant was told she would receive a letter setting out terms and she received a letter subsequently that stated a pay of almost 8,000 more than the verbal quote. Noticing an error with the start date, the claimant contacted the HR Manager and a second letter with the only correction being a start date was issued. As requested, the claimant sent written confirmation of accepting the offer. On the first day of employment, the HR Manager tried to correct the mistake that at some point had been noticed since the acceptance letter was received and the employees first day by saying the offer incorrectly listed the pay. One month later the claimant was terminated from their position.

Just as the tribunal of the case stated, written contracts supersede oral contracts and this holds true in the world of HR. Considering each party agreed that the final offer would only be made and accepted in writing, the tribunal determined verbal acceptance did not count. Documentation is key to not only the recruitment of an employee, but to running a business. Without documentation, employees could come back on employers who verbally offer compensation to say the compensation was not what was agreed or that the position had other...
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