Hawain Punch

Topics: Coca-Cola, Juice, Marketing Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: November 23, 2011
Case Study: Hawaiian Punch
How would you characterize the U.S fruit juice and juice drink category? The U.S. fruit juice and juice drink constitutes of 4.7 of the total 185.5 gallon of beverage consumed annually. These corporates four distinct varieties of fruit juice and juice drinks; 100% juices which may be either be 100% made from fruits or 100% made from concentrates. 100% juices form the largest share market with its share capital comprising of 54.9% of the total fruit drink and juice drink; the other is nectars which comprises of from 25% to 99% fruit juices and is manufactured from concentrated juices or fruit pulps. Nectar accounts for 6.1% of the total fruit juice and juice drink market; juice drinks that comprise of up to 25% juice and; fruit-flavored drinks which contains no juice content. Fruit-flavored drinks are the lowest ranked in terms of market share in the fruit juice and juice drink market with 5.3% of the total share.

How would you characterize the competitive position of Hawaiian Punch? Hawaiian Punch faces seven major competitors in the fruit juices and juices drink categories, the PepsiCo, Coca-Cola Company, Kraft Food, Sunny Delight, Cadbury Schweppes, and Welch. Of all its competitors, Hawaiian Punch is a strong competitor forming 55% of the total sales. This ranks Hawaiian Punch as the top ranked consumer fruit punch drink in the United States economy. Consumers also have confidence in Hawaiian Punch as the product has established a strong market base with a reputation of 70 years in the market. Hawaiian Punch due to its long history has 94% consumer awareness of the product. To keep up with the competition, competitors employ innovation methods as introducing new flavors, repackaging and advertising. Advertising has formed the main focus for competitors with spending on average 24 cents on every case sold on advertising. Competitors also apply persuasive methods as portraying the benefits of their products to personal...
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