Hawaii vs Florida Living

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Florida vs. Hawaii living

Florida vs. Hawaii living
Want to find a tropical place to live with warm breezes, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and a laid back lifestyle? Florida and Hawaii are arguably the two most sought after tropical places to live. Being raised in Florida and now living in Hawaii I have lived the best of both worlds. Although similar upon first glance, Florida and Hawaii are also very different. How would you choose where to live? It all depends on what you are looking for in terms of the weather, natural disasters, geography, entertainment, and cost of living. Each state is unique and offers something different you just have to decide which paradise is for you. Weather is often a deciding factor when choosing where you want to live. Florida is well known for being the sunshine state. While living there I was in a pair of flip flops and shorts all summer, although at times it is unbearably hot and humid with highs in the 90’s! In the winter there would be lows in the 40’s! In Hawaii, however, temperatures are consistent throughout the year ranging from the mid 70’s – 80’s. The winter in Hawaii is considered rainy season but rarely has thunderstorms, unlike Florida, where they are frequent. Florida is referred to as the thunderstorm capitol of the US. These storms often generate tornadoes. (Henthorn, 2010, p.5) Weather may be a deciding factor in where you choose to live, but you will also have to consider that each state has natural disasters and this can greatly influence your decision on where to live. Natural disasters are extreme sudden events caused by environmental factors that can injure people and damage property, and these affect both Florida and Hawaii. As mentioned above, tornadoes occur in Florida sometimes when there are thunderstorms but that isn’t the only cause of tornadoes. Hurricanes bring lots of rain, and cause tornadoes to form. Each state has hurricane seasons, however, Hawaii has fewer hurricanes than Florida....
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