Hawaii, the Aloha State

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Hawaii, the Aloha State – The name alone elicits visions of paradise. There is a very good reason for this. Hawaii has been a popular vacation destination since 1959, since it has been part of the United States. Its beautiful beaches, lovely weather, practically perfect surfing conditions, amazing volcanoes and the abundance of recreational activities available make Hawaii a logical choice for vacations making it a perfect getaway, In fact, tourism is the biggest industry in Hawaii. Honolulu, the capital of city, and Hilo, the largest city, both offer a wealth of culture, educational, and recreational activities. In addition, the Hawaiian islands have many lovely state and national parks and monuments, among which is Diamond Head State Monument, one of the most recognized recreational landmarks. Landmarks such as this have natural beauty and diversity of a state which boasts diversity in many areas, most notably the many adventures that make up the tapestry of its history, so get just a little taste of what Hawaii has to offer. Let me take you on a tour of Honolulu, Hilo, and Diamond Head State Monument. As they say in Hawaii, “Ho’olu Komo la Kaua”! Come join us!

First let’s take you to Honolulu which is one of the biggest cities and the capital of Hawaii. Honolulu has a lot of rich history; Honolulu's early history was one of turbulence and conflict. One of the last areas on the globe to be explored by Europeans, Hawaii was subject to strong pressures from many forces, including American missionaries, who arrived in 1820, and opportunistic whalers. These whalers were among those who built Honolulu originally, bringing trade, commerce, and prosperity that led to expansion into the sugar and pineapple industries. As early as 1814, Russia tried to move in, and Russian soldiers built a bastion at the harbor's edge. The British flag was raised in 1843 and French forces occupied Honolulu in 1849. Each time control was returned to the independent native kingdom...
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