Havmor Limited India

Topics: Gujarat, Partition of India, Ahmedabad Pages: 2 (300 words) Published: February 18, 2013

Havmor Food Pvt. Ltd. is the industry where different flavors of ice-cream are prepared. Havmor Industries is the firm chiefly leading with processing of Ice-cream. But also makes other products.

Havmor Industries is one of the famous Ice-cream producing companies in Gujarat. As today Ice-cream market has been more competitive due to many new entries in the fields but Havmor is still holding its position and command in the Ice-cream market.


Havmor ice-cream began its branded life in 1944 in Karachi in undivided India. But by 1947 it became a popular brand.

But in 1947, in the time of the partition, its founder Satish Chona had to join the exodus to India, with virtually no movable Assets. Searching for a new turf, he tired out Dehra Dun and Indore and finally settled down in Ahnmedabad.

In India he had to again begin his work from the start. He started selling ice-cream at the Ahmedabad Railway Station.

The founder began the brand named Havmor, their slogan was “Achai, Sachai, Safai”

Today, Havmor ice-cream is a delicious facet of Western India’s daily life, and part of its market move. It reaches hundreds of thousands of consumer through 8 main outlets and 3800 plus dealers.

Pradeep Chona, Son of Satish Chona, today heads the Havmor conglomerate. He has continued his father is quality obsession and streak of innovation.

Pradeep Chona set off a series of changes in Havmor – in technology, in quality and hygiene standards in management in HRD and in the overall corporate environment. This re-engineering was completed by capacity expansions and a flourry of promotional activities, to maintain the company’s market presence in act in competitive firms.
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