Havisham Story

Topics: Wedding, Love, White wedding Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Dark green pebbles for eyes. She sits there. Hatred and fury over shadowing her, depressing others with her presence. Her yellowed dress, once gleaming bright, dangles over her chair like the drapes of a curtain, droopy and old. Her hands, old with rope-like features to strangle the one she loves, the one she loathes. She slowly moves them towards her dress and snaps it with fury and anger as if she was fearing what would happen if it had been left dangling, like she was left waiting, waiting for love that would never arrive. The chair screeches as she moves as if it knows what is expected from her at any moment, an outburst of pain and torture which she has kept locked within herself for so long. For too long. The pain and anger builds as the wait increases the wait for her love, her tormenter. A week later. "Beloved....sweetheart....Bastard..." whispers Havisham to herself. "Who are you speaking about Miss Havisham?" Nervously spoke her maid. "Let me tell you about my story of love, devotion, rage and disrespect, and how it has tormented me in my mind and drained me physically for all these years." Spoke Havisham with a hint of antagonism yet relief to finally be able to speak about the horrors of her past. Her maid replied, "Sure, I would be extremely grateful for you to tell me about your past and what you have kept locked within yourself for so many years." Finally Havisham spoke. "Okay, here is how it begun. This wasn't just an average day for me and my love, it was our wedding day. I had awoken with joy and excitement. I slung the quilt onto the floor and leaped from my bed rushing around the room, confused, wondering if this day had really come? Was it just a dream? I did not know. I proceeded walking around the room planning for what shall come. I was wondering what to do first? Eat? Wash? Clean? My mind was full of questions repeating throughout my head, irritating and distracting me from my requirements. I eventually calmed down, the...
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