Having Viewed “the Making of a Moonie” Consider the Extent to Which Ethical Dilemmas Would Present Themselves If You Were to Apply Eileen Barkers Methods to a Study of Followers of Kabbalah in the U.K.

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  • Published : October 7, 2008
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Having viewed “The making of a Moonie” consider the extent to which ethical dilemmas would present themselves if you were to apply Eileen Barkers methods to a study of followers of Kabbalah in the U.K.

Eileen Barker’s study on followers of the Unitarian church, The making of a Moonie was carried out over seven years which allowed a comprehensive study to be carried out and detailed information collected. The research was conducted gathering qualitative and quantitative data employing triangulation, 3 forms of participant observation. The research methods employed for individuals were in depth interviews (42pages), which provided detailed information on a large number of ‘subjects’, a list of all members was gathered to create a valid sample, the questionnaires were used to find balance between variables such as how many had come from catholic/protestant backgrounds. The method of research for social interaction was participant observation, this attained observed data which could not otherwise be recorded such as behavior and customs. Barker kept a journal to over the course of her research, in this she was able to track any changes in views she may have become accustomed to later on in the research and subsequently excluded. Concepts such as ‘choice’ were operationalisd to create empirically recognizable research therefore if the research was repeated, answers could be duplicated. A control group was simultaneously studied to see whether attitudes displayed were as a result of being a member or existed anyway. Barkers research was biased on more than one level, the ‘Moonies’ chose the questions asked which screened the amount of data collected limiting the information. The research subjects did not act as natural with the researcher present, if the research was conducted using covert operation natural behavior could have been recorded. Barkers research would interest research commission groups, employing this method especially when interested in...
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