Having People from Different Cultures Living in the Same Country Is Good

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  • Published : November 8, 2012
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Atsushi Nakamichi

Having people from different cultures living in the same country is good(or not good) for the country.

Having people from different cultures living in the same country is good for the country. Each country and person has own culture, so every people is different. However, we can get new things such as, culture, language, and food from them. It will be good for our country. The first thing is language. In Japan, we speak Japanese. Nowadays, it is changing. Some company changes the rule in the company. They said our communication language is English in the company. Speaking other language is difficult, but they will give us new knowledge and chance. It will lead to the internationalization. Having people from different country living in the same country can change the something new things. The next problem is food. It is the common things all over the world. Mcdonald, Kentucky Fried Chicken and some company has started in America, and also there are many shops all over the world. Some country has own religion such as Buddism,Christ, and so on. Although each country eats different food, these companies are succeeded in the world. In short, we don’t worry about the food problem. In addition, the third good thing is culture. Every country has own culture. It means almost everything is different. To know the cultural difference is important for the person and country. For example, each country has some religion such as Buddhism in Japan, Islam in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, we have to know the trend. If we live in a same country who have a different culture, we can understand the each other. This means it is useful for us to help the internationalization. In conclusion, knowing the other culture is good for country. We have to understand the difference each person. Sometimes, it is hard to understand it. However, it will give us many good things. Therefore, having people from different cultures living in the same country is good for the...
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