Haven House Internship Reflection

Topics: School counselor, Psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: April 7, 2013
As I reflect on my experience interning at Haven House over winter quarter, I can say with confidence that I have grown tremendously. Working with youth who come from an array of difficult situations has taught me not only about what it means to be an ally, but has also allowed me to reflect on my own life experiences. Through this process, I have realized how precious life really is, and how truly important it is for adolescents to have a strong support system in their lives. Understanding that the youth who come to Haven House bring with them an enormous amount of life struggles so early on, has been a huge reality check for me. I am incredibly grateful to have had and continue to have time with a population that I have never worked next to so closely. Over the course of the quarter, I have gained skills in completing procedural measures such as case noting, intake and discharge interviews and paperwork, completing and updating treatment plans, and utilizing the “green log”. I have developed a deeper understanding about de-escalation skills and techniques with this population as well. I recognize that the youth who come into the program struggle with many issues and at times express themselves through acting out. Even though these behaviors are unacceptable, I have learned to look at these issues as an opportunity to help the youth deal with the emotional struggles as they go through the change process. When a significant violation of rules occurs, natural and logical consequences are used as a reinforcement tool. Through utilizing behavior modification techniques, I have helped in providing a safe and nurturing environment for the youth, as well as promoting positive behavior changes in their lives. Along with the amazing amount of knowledge I have gained over the course of the quarter, I could not have gotten to this point without some obvious struggle. As a person who hopes to one day work with adolescents as a high school counselor, I think it is vital...
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