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Topics: Drinking culture, Alcoholic beverage, Alcoholism Pages: 4 (1056 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Marshall 1 Stevie Marshall Ms.Bently English 12 April 4

Drinking Age .

Why is it that you can hold a gun in the army but not hold a beer at the age of 18.? Turning 18 entitles receiving the rights and responsibilities of adulthood to vote, serve on juries, get married, sign contracts, and join the military ( which involves taking on responsibilities of life and death ). You should let us take the responsibility of making the choice of drinking at the age of 18 .

There is a problem because when a child is born he does not just jump out the womb or automatically knows how to read . “When adolescents are not taught to drink in moderation, they end up binge drinking when they do consume alcohol. It is better to teach youth to learn how to drink responsibly and hold them as accountable for their actions as we do with driving”. (David J. Hanson, "It's Better to Teach Safe Use of Alcohol,") Allowing them to start drinking at 18 will still leave some of them in the supervision of their parents and school so it would allow them to be taught better how to use it rather than starting and learning on their own .

If you allow young adults to drink at the age of 18 it will get rid of the thrill it will allow it to come from ground under and back to more civilized activity like bars or clubs

Marshall 2 and even social drinking’s.”Lowering the drinking age will make alcohol less of a taboo, take away the thrill that many young people get from breaking the law, and make alcohol consumption a more normalized activity done in moderation”. (Charlie Covey, "Drinking Age Requires Necessary and Proper Action,")

More than 10 million youths, have consumed alcohol in the past 30 days . The rate of current alcohol consumption increases with the increasing age according to the 2009 national survey on drugs uses . Deaths from 24% at age 12 to 22.4 at age 16 and 57.7 at age 20 so it will not change the affect because they will have access to alcohol consumption regardless...
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