Have You Ever Wondered If People Change

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  • Published : February 16, 2011
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Have you ever wondered if people can change? It is said quite often that people cannot change. However, in The Year of the Hangman, by Gary Blackwood, Creighton Brown starts off as a lazy and useless boy, but as the story progressed he slowly became a productive man.

Creighton Brown was raised in a spoiled manner, and became a lazy person. “Nevertheless… It was not a fair contest, and I will not abide by it.”(85).This proves Creighton showed signs of immaturity, and could not understand the importance of work. It seems like he does not have the mental toughness needed for work. “I may be able to use you… “Use me for work?” (86). Creighton is too lazy to work. Creighton does not understand the value of work. It seems he is too arrogant to work.

At first, Creighton Brown was useless; however, he developed a hardworking and humble attitude, and became a productive person. “A few months before I would have been horrified at the prospect of working as a printer. But since then mu ideas about work and the nature of a gentleman had change considerably.”(251). This shows that Creighton knows the meaning of being a gentleman. This proves Creighton has learned the importance of work. “A month earlier… never imagined I was capable of such backbreaking labor, let alone enjoying it…” (182). He has realized that you must work as an adult. He has learned to handle labor. Creighton Brown has become a true gentleman.

People can change; it may take a life threatening experience, or a tragedy, but people can change. As Creighton grew older he also worked harder. Creighton has learned the skill to prepare for the worst, a skill useful for work. Creighton developed a mental toughness needed for work. Creighton Brown, without a doubt, is a gentleman
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