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Haute Couture Essay:
Elie Saab: An Ode to Delicateness
An elegant woman is always in need of an elegant dress. A dress that scream power, independence and in charge and that’s what exactly Elie Saab gave last week at Haute Couture in Paris. This season’s theme is called “an ode to delicateness”. The Lebanese born designer explore transparencies in lace and tulle in ivory, black, beige and light blue. Elie Saab paid homage to fragile this season. He is a newcomer to Haute Couture, but front rows were filled with guest such as renowned dancer Dita Von Teese, French actresses Anouchka Delon, Virginie Ledoyen, and also Princess Clotilde de Savoie. Among others who attended the show were Harry Brant, Peter Brant Jr, Chantel Thomas, Michael Fibian and Karl Lagerfeld muse Tallulah Harlech. Models such as Mackenzie Drazon, Katie Nescher, Julia Nobis and others grace the runway with Elie Saab evening, gala gowns and suits. The show consisted of sheer floor-mid length, sequence straight silhouette gowns and pants suits. Laced with floral patterns and embroidered with Swarovski crystals. He created artwork that came to life. The show ended with a beautiful lace sheer bridal gown. The wedding gown was royal, luminous and is defiantly fit for a queen. This man is a genius. He knows how to make a woman look beautiful and classy. What makes Elie Saab collection stands out from others is that he still gives us the same beaded crystal, lace sheer prints he does every year but every year it looks better. The silhouette, fabrics, and concept are always the same but don’t look boring. He has a signature look that works so well season after season The pieces were beautiful. I have to say Elie Saab collection was sexy and confident. He did not step at all stand away from his brand identity as others designer’s do. He has the ability to create the illusion of curves where there are none and gives the women of curves a sleek tone...
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